Crazy Pagan Auction

Calan Gaeaf is coming up! And that means it’s almost time for our Crazy Pagan Auction!

This is our big fundraiser event, which makes sure we can keep buying cabins for winter and accessible food for all our events. So bring your wallet, and if you’re a Pagan business, consider donating!

Donations to our auction are tax-deductible, and can range from a single candle to a basket of goodies. We’ve sold handmade jewelry, collections of animal figures, vouchers for services, altar kits, and more. And for every vendor we get donations from, we shamelessly plug and advertise their wares!

If you’d like to donate to our auction, please contact us at, or via the contact page on the site.

If you’re coming to Calan Gaeaf, remember to bring cash and be ready to spend it!

Your support helps us feed our guests, rent wonderful spaces, donate to charities, and otherwise create a culture of hospitality in the Grove. Diolch and thank you!

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