Summer Solstice 2020

Join your favorite Druids to honor the year’s longest day – Alban Hefin (Summer Solstice, Litha) -together in our Astral Grove. We will also be celebrating Red Oak Grove’s TWENTY THIRD BIRTHDAY! Zoom call information will be sent out to all those registered prior to the event, via email. Registration is required and will be open until 10pm June 19, 2020.

Register here:

Alban Hefin will have no set event fee. We are asking for donations at whatever you are able to contribute. Since the Grove’s costs are primarily food and the event site, and these costs are not applicable to rituals in Our Astral Grove, the Council of Leaders is proud to announce that 100% of donations collected at Alban Hefin will be donated to support Campaign Zero.

Campaign Zero is an extensive police reform campaign launched by activists in 2015 that proposes a comprehensive platform of evidence-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America. Learn more about Campaign Zero, the work they are doing, and how to support them at their website:

Please send funds directly via PayPal to and make a notation in the comments referencing the fundraising project.

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