Calan Gaeaf 2022

Nov. 4 6:00pm – Nov. 6 11:00am

YMCA of the Pines
1303 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ

Join Red Oak Grove as we celebrate another turning of the wheel! Calan Gaeaf is Welsh for the Beginning of Winter, and it’s the Welsh Pagan name for Samhain. During this time, halfway through astronomical fall, the veil between worlds is thin and we take the time to honor and connect with our ancestors.

Call them Beloved, Mighty, or Ancient, be they ancestors of blood or spirit, those who have gone before have an undeniable impact on our lives. During our Calan Gaeaf weekend, we will build an altar to them, invite them to dine with us during a Dumb Supper, and spend time with them during our ritual.

And of course it isn’t a ROG Calan Gaeaf without some spooks! We’ll have a scary story contest and a pumpkin carving contest!

Guest Registration:

Member Registration:

Guests pay $55, Cyfaill/Friends pay $45, and Tylwyth/Family pay $35 for the full weekend. Children 10-17 are $25, and children 9 and under are free! If you’d like to attend just during the day, contact us directly for discount ticket options.


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