Canol Gaeaf 2023

Feb. 5, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Private home in Philadelphia; RSVP for the address

It’s time for Brigid’s Day and the Middle of Winter!

Art by Brenna Hartnett.

Join us to honor our goddess of poetry, craft, and healing and celebrate the coming of spring, still distant but finally on the horizon.

Our Canol Gaeaf celebration is a potluck brunch, with main ritual at 12pm. Feel free to bring whatever foods you’d like, but we will be giving out a prize for the best Brigid-inspired dish!

What makes a food “Brigid inspired?” Could be lot of things — She’s traditionally connected to dairy products (milk, butter, cheese,) as well as blackberries, beer, eggs, and oats. Or maybe your food is red, like her hair. As long as you can explain how your food is connected to Brigid, we’re happy to accept it.

(Vegetarian and/or gluten-free food is preferred but certainly not required!)

For our crafty guests, we’ll also have the supplies and time to weave Brigid’s crosses. Traditionally, these were hung over doorways for protection and good luck, and we’re excited to send you home with one (or more) of your own!

Attendance at this event is FREE, but we will be collecting donations for Planned Parenthood in honor of Brigid’s role as a goddess of midwifery.

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