Alban Eilir 2023

Mar. 18 – 19, 6:00pm – 12:00pm

Private home in Wildwood, NJ; RSVP for the address

Alban Eilir is a festival of the dawning spring and all the new beginnings it brings with it. It’s the time to start new work— Soil has to be tilled so that we can later plant, the days are getting warmer, and snow is becoming much less likely.

We get together the night before ritual for an evening of laughter, music, and companionship — what we call “our very own little Irish pub,” including a finger-food cooking contest, sing-alongs, and trivia night and other games.

You’re welcome to attend just for ritual, but be warned that will be a little early, by pagan standard time! Our main ritual, which focuses on cleansing and going into the new spring with open hearts and open minds, will start at 8am on Sunday. We’ll gather on the beach for worship and to greet the rising sun.

Hope to see you there!

Register here:

Guests pay $40
Cyfaill/Tylwyth members pay $20
Children under 17 are free!

Updates and discussion: