Alban Arthan 2022

Dec. 16 7:00pm – Dec. 18 11:00am

YMCA of the Pines
1303 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ

It’s time for Red Oak Grove’s famous Winter Solstice celebration!

Alban Arthan is the Welsh Pagan/Druid name for the Winter Solstice, when the day is shortest and the night longest. To encourage the Sun to return, we will light 8 candles at sunset, blowing out one each hour until midnight, when we’ll be shrouded in darkness. During this time, we’ll turn off all the lights and electronics in order to truly feel how long and dark the night can be. Then we’ll re-light one candle each hour until dawn arrives, and then toast the sunrise with mimosas!

Our Mari Lwyd performance at Alban Arthan 2019.

But just because our phones aren’t on doesn’t mean we aren’t having fun! During the solstice vigil, we’ll have carol sing-alongs, feasts, a bardic competition, a gift game, and more!

Join us for a ritual so nice, it was written up in the New York Times.

Register here:

Guests pay $55
Cyfaill members pay $45
Tylwyth members pay $35
Children 10-17 pay $25
Children under 10 are free!

Updates and discussion:

Calan Gaeaf 2022

Nov. 4 6:00pm – Nov. 6 11:00am

YMCA of the Pines
1303 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ

Join Red Oak Grove as we celebrate another turning of the wheel! Calan Gaeaf is Welsh for the Beginning of Winter, and it’s the Welsh Pagan name for Samhain. During this time, halfway through astronomical fall, the veil between worlds is thin and we take the time to honor and connect with our ancestors.

Call them Beloved, Mighty, or Ancient, be they ancestors of blood or spirit, those who have gone before have an undeniable impact on our lives. During our Calan Gaeaf weekend, we will build an altar to them, invite them to dine with us during a Dumb Supper, and spend time with them during our ritual.

And of course it isn’t a ROG Calan Gaeaf without some spooks! We’ll have a scary story contest and a pumpkin carving contest!

Guest Registration:

Member Registration:

Guests pay $55, Cyfaill/Friends pay $45, and Tylwyth/Family pay $35 for the full weekend. Children 10-17 are $25, and children 9 and under are free! If you’d like to attend just during the day, contact us directly for discount ticket options.


Updates and discussion:

Philly Pagan Pride!

It was an absolute delight to table at Philly Pagan Pride 2022 this weekend!

We met some lovely folks, gave a workshop introducing people to Druidry, and (most importantly in my opinion) gave away all our fliers! I’m extremely easy to please.

If you’re here because you saw us at Pagan Pride, 1. Hello! We’re in the progress of adding content to the site, especially about our Gods. 2. Here’s our facebook page where we post the info about our events, including the registration forms. 3. We’re going to be at South Jersey Pagan Pride, too, so drop by our tent and say hello!

Happy Labor Day, support your local union!

— Cait, Sr Druid

Announcing Alban Elfed 2022!

Saturday, September 17th, 2022, 5-8pm

Private home in Philadelphia

Join Red Oak Grove as we celebrate the beginning of Fall with a witch’s feast made of homemade and local foods! It’s a fairly straightforward event: Set the table, Bless the food, and Eat the food. Check out the facebook event here to tell us you’re coming and talk food. We’ll post the address of the event there the Monday before.

Fundraiser Summer 2021 – TWEET for COVID relief in India

Red Oak Grove is PROUD to announce that $3 from every registration for our Alban Hefin Midsummer Picnic on June 19, 2021 will be donated to TWEET – the Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust Foundation. TWEET has been empowering trans communities and trans persons to fight for their justice and equity in India for 15 years. TWEET is maintaining fundraising efforts for grassroots campaigns to support the trans communities and trans persons throughout the country – a marginalized population that is uniquely underserved, especially at this critical time, during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

If you would like to contribute additional donations on behalf of the Grove’s Fundraiser: PayPal (please send as ‘friends and family’) and write “TWEET” in the comments/notes section.

For individual donations, all donors outside India can go HERE to donate immediately to COVID19 support efforts.