Canol Gaeaf


Canol Gaeaf (literally, “end of winter”) is Red Oak Grove’s celebration of Brigid, our goddess of poetry, craft, and healing. Join us in making and blessing Brigid’s crosses and honoring Our Lady of the Firey Waters!
We’ll be having a potluck brunch, and giving out a prize for the best Brigid-Inspired contribution! What’s a Brigid-Inspired food? Traditionally, she’s connected to dairy products (milk, butter, cheese), but she also is connected to beer, blackberries, eggs, and oats. And as long as you can explain why your food is connected to Brigid (“well you see my cherry pie is red, and Brigid’s hair is red, so…”), we’ll accept it šŸ˜‰
For our charity, we will be collecting donations for Planned Parenthood, as Brigid is a goddess of midwifery.
This event will be held at a private home in West Philadelphia. We will announce the address to those registered to attend closer to the event.

Click here to register!

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