Hospitality Statement

Red Oak Grove’s vision of hospitality is that everyone, especially members of marginalized groups, should feel comfortable sitting around our fire. This means we must exclude those who would make our community unsafe for our marginalized members and guests.

We are a feminist, anti-racist, and queer-affirming space. Our membership includes people who are trans, disabled, queer, non-white, and women. We must protect our members and our guests, which means we will not allow white supremacists, misogynists, anti-semites, transphobes, fascists, or Nazis at our events or in our community.

We will provide training and resources and warnings for those who are not intending to harm others, who are quoting intolerant dog whistles or talking points without intentional malevolence.

We will banish anyone who knowingly or repeatedly mentions intolerant talking points or dog whistles. We will banish anyone sporting Nazi iconography, or who is connected to Nazis, white-supremacist groups, or any other groups which promote the exclusion or continued marginalization of people. 

We oppose folkish views of Paganism, which state that one should only worship the gods of one’s ancestors. The gods are not racist, and welcome anyone who comes to them with respect in their heart. Folkish groups such as the Asatru Folk Assembly are recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups. If you’d like to know more about ethical Heathenry, check out Heathens Against Hate.

If you are harassed, or feel unwelcome or unsafe at Red Oak Grove, please reach out to the officers so we can work to rectify the situation. If you are an ADF member, you can also reach out to the members’ advocate for help.